Shenalism is a term for the organized body of religions based around Shenal , a historical figure who is reputed by the believers of his religion to have attained divinity and formed a Trinitarian deity with the Fish Filet and another (disputed) personage. The primary text of the religion is the Book of Dolezal , a text with strong origins in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths.

Recently, Shenalism has suffered the effects of a schism due to the formation of the Behrian heresy and the separate denomination of Nolanism . Both of these new factions of the religion differ in nuances regarding Shenal’s divinity and his Trinitarian status. Behrian Shenalists believe that the trinity consists of the Shenal, the Matt Meyer , and the Fish Filet; contrary to the orthodox Shenalist view of Hacking, Torrent, and Fish FIlet. The Nolanists believe that the Shenalistic line is continued in the virgin birth of Wilson's shoe as they indicated when the 64 theses was posted to the locker of the one true Shenal.

The religion has also undergone the trials of Shenal’s denial of his divine status, known in Campbellian terms as his “belly of the whale” moment. However, there is always hope for the believers, due to the arrival of a savior in the form of the virgin birth of Wilson’s shoe —an event that occurred after The One raped Wilson.