Nolanism is an extremely radical branch of Shenalism , founded when Nolan Liu nailed the 64 theses to the door of Shenal's locker.

The primary tenet of Nolanism is found in the virgin birth of Wilson's Shoe, which occured when Shenal, aggravated by Wilson's manipulation of his chair, attempted to sexually molest Wilson. Shenal failed in his attempt and was knocked to the ground--simultaneously, Wilson's shoe was discovered in the lap of Nolan. This momentous occurence was immediately followed by Shenal's Golden Rule: "Quick, hide it."

After Shenal denied his own divine status, the adherents of Nolanism resolved to look to Wilson's shoe as a savior, whilst hoping for the eventual cartharsis of Shenal and his divinity. For this, Nolanism has experienced friction with numerous other heresies of the religion, including Orthodox Shenalism and the Behrian Heresy, of which Nolan himself is a prophet.