Nolan L or the "deadest dog" was a heretic of Shenalism who falsely witnessed the virgin birth of Wilson's shoe due to his intoxication of rice wine.

Early Life

Nolan was a poor chinese baby who was struck by lightning one day after losing to the Wilson Barrett. When he was struck by lightning, he decided to become a priest of Shenalism.

Days of the Dead Dog

However when he applied for frier of the fish filet, or the priest position, he was denied 3 times by the almighty Shenal and yelled "Are you serious!". In guttural rage he started Nolanism, a made-up sect of Shenalism, although he was never truely baptized in the oil of the fish filet or in the name of the Shenal, the Matt Meyer and Fish Filet.

Recent Years

Recently it has been reported that Nolan Liu spends most of his time stalking the Safia Carozza and fighting great battles with the Virgin Wilson Barrett, who always wins. A notable title given to him by the great Shenal is "the fuck"